Wedding planners are unique, just like everyone else. So, how do you know the right wedding planner for you? Well, you'll want to get to know the planners you're interested in! So, let me help you get to know Gems and Joy.

First, we are experts at both wedding planning and designing. We are certified by The Bridal Society in planning, design, and timeline creation!

Second, we approach wedding planning from a different vantage point. At Gems and Joy, though we are passionate about weddings, we genuinely care about your marriage - and will do whatever it takes to empower your marriage, to make it successful.

making wedding dreams come true in Cedar Rapids, Des moines, Iowa City, decorah, or wherever your day may lead you

Iowa and destination Weddings as unique as your love story

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i'm denise! wife, mom,
iowa native, certified wedding planner,
designer, and best friend

hi, friend!

Favorite Wedding Style
I love adventure weddings and elopements, but I also love big boujee weddings! I could never choose just one! Either way, my style is definitely heavy on florals, and always including unique lighting elements.

Jesus, my family, and adventure

Favorite TV Show
The Office - USA Version

Favorite Movie
Miss Congeniality or The Princess Diaries series - I couldn't possible choose!

Favorite Color

Wise Words for Engaged Couples
Take plenty of time to just be together during your engagement. It goes so fast, and you don't want to be stressed out by wedding planning the entire time

Wise Words for Married Couples
Make a sacred date night schedule - and do your very best not to deviate from the schedule. Also, read The Five Love Languages!

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